Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome Back, Max!

Love him or love to hate him, you can't deny that Max Biaggi makes racing interesting. It's great news that the Roman Emperor is making his comeback in the World Superbike paddock with Alstare Corona Suzuki.
Max might have his detractors, but he's sure to spice up WSBK on and off-track. Who can forget his run-in with Marco Melandri last year? Marco, feeling that Max had dangerously blocked him on a hot lap, barged past the Roman, knees, elbows and feet flying. Minutes later in the paddock, Max's uncle tried to grab Marco by the throat. (With little success, earning himself only a paddock ban for his actions.)
Similarly, Max's feud with Valentino Rossi resulted in elbows and fairings colliding on track, followed by an alleged punch-up en route to the podium.
There's no doubt that Biaggi's speed and ruthlessness will be a great addition to WSBK, let's not forget he is a four-times World Champion in the 250GP class and racewinner in 500GP and MotoGP.
In addition, his ability to annoy his rivals should ruffle feathers in the World Superbike lovefest, where there are few major arguments between riders.
Hopefully Carl Fogarty will pull something out of the bag and get his team to the front of the grid. The prospects of a Biaggi-Fogarty off-track feud is mouthwatering, as the two self-confident four-times World Champions would surely kick off a highly entertaining war of words.
So Max, welcome back. The podium awaits.


Alessandro Matteucci said...

Does anybody know what happened to Troy Corser? Last year he claimed that he would never share his team with Biaggi. And if he left the Corona team who is going to be annoyed by Biaggi?

Jimmy said...

Hmmm. I suspect that Troy's bargaining power has waned a bit, he won't have the number 1 plate on his bike so he might have to just go along with it.
I do hope that Max has a strong-willed teammate though. Should be hilarious.