Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BSB: Walker signs for Rizla Suzuki

Chris "The Stalker" Walker has signed for the Crescent Rizla Suzuki team for next year's British Superbike Championship.
The Stalker comes from WSBK, where he raced for Kawasaki until being dropped at the end of this season despite winning a race. His two teammates are being kept on, seemingly because they have greater financial backing.
He will be welcomed back to British Superbikes with open arms, as he is arguably the most popular British bike racer. He is extremely quick, but his dangerous-looking all-action riding style has probably been the main reason for his popularity, along with his willingness to put on a display for his fans. [Having choked half to death on tyre smoke from a Stalker burnout after he had won a double, I can testify to this!]
Walker has ridden for Suzuki in the BSB Championship before. The 2000 season has passed into legend, with an ill-tempered battle all the way to the last round, where Walker's Suzuki engine failed in clouds of smoke, letting bitter rival Neil Hodgson snatch the title.
BSB has been very competitive recently, and the Suzuki is an extremely quick bike. There should be fireworks in 2007.

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