Thursday, October 26, 2006

MotoGP Tamada to Tech 3

Makoto Tamada has signed for Tech 3 Yamaha for the 2007 MotoGP season. It has been confirmed that he will be using Dunlop tyres.
Tamada was given the boot by the JiR Honda team after his uninspiring performances this year, and will almost certainly be replaced by Shinya Nakano.
Using Bridgestone tyres, Tamada secured 2 wins back in 2004, but on Michelins he could not recapture that kind of form. A broken wrist added to his troubles, and he never looked the same. However, he has produced one or two half-decent results lately.
Dunlop, having lost the highly rated Carlos Checa, will be hoping that Tamada can help them develop the Dunlop tyres with the same skill he showed in 2004.
It is also likely that Yamaha were interested in having a Japanese rider on their new 800cc machine. All 4 Yamaha bikes on the grid next year will have to be brand new, and Tech 3 may get improved factory support now that they have a Japanese-speaking rider.

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