Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shock Rumour: Biaggi to MotoGP?

A shock new rumour, reported on the British Eurosport TV station, claims that Max Biaggi will not enter the 2007 WSBK Championship, but instead will sign for Kawasaki's MotoGP squad.
It has already been claimed that Kawasaki were having trouble finding a rider to replace Shinya Nakano, who seems set to take Tamada's Honda ride. The silly season rumours had said that Melandri would move to Ducati, and Sete Gibernau would move to Kawasaki. However, now that Melandri has signed for Gresini Honda, Sete seems set to stay at Ducati.
It seems that Kawasaki have signed The Roman Emperor, Max Biaggi as their star rider.
Nothing has been officially confirmed, but it's an amazing development if this is true.


Anonymous said...

it's becoming a tele novela .... but I love it! I am just wondering if Biaggi would have more chances in WSBK with Suzuki or in Motogp with Kawasaki, especially now that the k7 bikes will ride more like 250cc. Btwy, has Kawasaki ever done anything in 250cc?

Jimmy said...

I can't help feeling that Max would do better in WSBK on a Suzuki. It'll be very hard for a little factory like Kawasaki to make a good bike in the first year of 800cc. But he wants to be in MotoGP.
Have Kwaka ever done a 250cc bike? I'm afraid I really don't know!
People are now denying the Biaggi-Kawasaki rumour, but who knows? It might be true.