Thursday, November 23, 2006

MotoGP: Hayden Needs Shoulder Surgery

Looks like Li'l Nicky was hurt more than he let on in that crash (you know the one I mean, the one where he was a trifle angry in the gravel trap as he walked away), as he's going for surgery on his shoulder.
Hayden managed to hide his injury very well. Nobody suspected that he had a problem when he was on the start line at Valencia to fight it out for the championship. However, at the recent Sepang test he showed a journalist that he has a serious mobility problem in his right arm. (Matthew Birt's official MCN blog, on the 2nd page).
This can only add to the Kentucky Kid's achievement at Valencia. Not only did he put in a solid ride when Rossi hopped off, but he was riding injured too, and actually leant on Valentino with his damaged right shoulder as they came off the start line.
I think that Hayden proved that he deserved to win the championship with that performance in the last race. Alright, he wasn't the out and out fastest rider of the year, but there were 17 races, with 25 points available in each, and everybody knew the rules from day one. Grab the most points and you get the number 1 plate (unless you prefer 46 of course).
The determination that Hayden showed was worthy of any champion, especially with this secret injury. The fact that he didn't play up the injury, as some would have, means that the new World Champion deserves full respect.

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