Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MotoGP: Melandri to Undergo Surgery

Marco Melandri is to have an operation on his arm in the next few days. He may also need an operation on his foot, which was injured when Valentino Rossi crashed into him at the end of last year.
It seems that Marco is human after all! His incredible powers of recovery have seen him ride injured several times this season. He amazed everyone when he quickly returned to racing after being knocked unconscious, and looking like he was badly hurt, in "That Crash". (At least his ambulance didn't crash on the way out of the circuit, like Sete's did.)
Now it turns out that he has been having trouble with his arm since the Laguna Seca round, and that his Rossi-related foot injury has prevented him from training properly for the entire 2006 season.
In typical "Macho" Melandri fashion, Marco will be riding at the test in Sepang, just days after his arm operation. Quite a character.


Anonymous said...

these guys have a totally different mind set. Injuries are accepted as unfortunate but still normal incorrence in this business. Today is much easier given the medical and gear improvement. 30-40 years ago every race was a russian rulette, an isle of man where riders where more careful in reaching their limit to not crash: i doubt that they had "stoners"

Jimmy said...

When I was a little kid, my hero was Barry Sheene. One of the things that I thought was cool was that he had loads of metal plates, bolts and screws in his body!
Not so cool when you're old enough to understand, but amazing when you're a kid.
Sheene wasn't a Stoner, though. He got most of those injuries in just one crash when his rear tyre exploded at 178mph on the Daytona banking. Hell of a guy.

Anonymous said...

Sheene, I remember my friend Luca and I leaning an old "vespa" with our butts on the inside recalling his name ... We were scraping (very easily) the large frame of the Vespa until one day we leveraged the rear tire too much and ...crashed I think it was in the early 80s ....