Sunday, December 03, 2006

McWilliams Shrugs Off Crash

Ilmor have issued a press release on Jeremy McWilliams's crash at Jerez (Available in pdf format from the ilmor website). Jezza seems unconcerned about bouncing through a gravel trap at 100mph:

Commenting on the crash McWilliams said: “It was very fast and I took a bit of a tumble. The doctors here in Jerez have been great and they tell me that my leg fracture is really clean, it should take four to five weeks to heal – then I’ll be walking and able to take exercise again. I need to have an operation to have it pinned so I’ll be having that as soon as they have time to fit me in.
Apparently I also have a broken collarbone but it doesn’t feel like it to me. Oh and I will lose a part of one of my fingers but as I keep telling people, I broke that one before and it wasn’t much use to me anyway!”
So basically, a broken femur isn't anything to fuss about, he doesn't believe the quacks about the collar bone, and he won't lose any tears over the finger.
McWilliams shows that not only is he still quick, he's still as hard as nails too. Let's hope the 42 year old nutter gets that Ilmor ride for 2007.

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