Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Doohan: "Stoner Is No Dill"

In an interview with the Herald Sun, an Australian newspaper, former 500GP superhero Mick Doohan has made the startling revelation that Qatar GP winner Casey stoner is no dill.
"He is no dill," said the 5-times World Champion.
Although scientists have been unable to test Doohan's assertion, a cursory examination shows that Stoner bears little relation to dill, pictured on the right.
Doohan also paid his young compatriot the great compliment of saying "He is a bit like Kevin Schwantz."
Stoner's performance at Qatar certainly backs this up. Schwantz, who is a hero to many motorcycle racing fans, not least Valentino Rossi, was known for being extremely fast but erratic. That certainly applies to the little Aussie, but he has a long way to go if he is going to emulate the Texan by winning a world championship, 25 races and legions of fans.


WS said...

Stoner is no "dill"

oh i get it .. 'dill' !

that's just so funny, and on so many levels!!

Jimmy said...

Well, Doohan wasn't joking. With 3 wins from 4 races, Stoner isn't any kind of dill!