Monday, April 02, 2007

WSBK: Bayliss Loses Part Of Pinkie

Aussie World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss has lost part of his pinkie after his 100mph highside at Donington Park on Sunday.
According to radio, Bayliss lost the top two bones of the little finger on his right hand, and has been left with a stump. He had been forced to miss race 2 of the meeting after medics told him that it was too dangerous to ride with a badly mangled pinkie due to the possibility of infection. After surgery, he has been left with a one-knuckle stump.
As this is his throttle and brake hand, there is some concern as to whether Baylisstic Bayliss will be fully fit to race at the next WSBK round. However, as he is a true racer I would be very surprised if he wasn't right on the pace at Valencia.
Troy was very lucky to escape from the massive crash with just a finger injury. A crash at the same place in the World Supersport race saw a bike dig in, tumbling end over end and being totally destroyed. It shows just how staggeringly fast a 100mph crash really is. As former racer James Whitham mentioned in the British Eurosport TV commentary, imagine riding along a road at 100mph, jumping off the bike and sliding along the tarmac. You would expect to be seriously injured.
Best wishes to Troy as he recovers and fights to retain his world championship.

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