Friday, September 07, 2007

Neil Hodgson Signs For Honda In AMA

Alright, Hodgson fans, here is the news you've been waiting for. Superbike Planet is reporting that Neil Hodgson has signed for American Honda to race in the AMA Superbike championship alongside superstar Miguel DuHamel, who has been 39 since the Titanic hit an iceberg and remembers when Frankie Chili was knee-high to a grasshopper.
Hodgson spent so long waiting for a decent 2007 ride that when the music stopped he was left standing there without a seat. He had various gigs during the year, including testing for the Bridgestone MotoGP team, the Rizla Suzuki British Superbike team, and a one-off outing on a Honda in the AMA. He also commentated on a couple of WSBK races for British Eurosport, doing an excellent job that suggests a media career beckons when he eventually hangs up his leathers.
Hodge won the WSBK championship for Ducati, and is a former BSB champion, also on a Ducati. He previously rode for 2 seasons in AMA Superbike until Ducati pulled out when the AMA proved less sympathetic to V-twins than the Italian marque had hoped. He is highly popular and well known for signing autographs for as long as the fans can stand it. With his proven speed, and knowledge of the American racetracks, Hodgson should be a contender for wins, provided that the deeply suspicious dominance of Suzuki in the AMA does not continue. (20 seconds faster than the other bikes in a production class? Yeah, right!) At least he will have the comfort of plenty of U.S. dollars, although with the exchange rate at around $1 = £0.49, he should probably spend them in the USA rather than bringing them home.

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