Monday, October 22, 2007

MotoGP Sepang: Stoner Again

Oh, somebody wake me up when the racing starts again.
Stoner won at Sepang. Nothing to do with the tyres or the Ducati, no sirree Bob. He even made his first mistake of the season by running wide in the last corner on lap one, but nobody managed to dive through to take the lead.
Marco Melandri on the 4th-rate Honda beat Dani Pedrosa on the cutting edge version with loads more horsepower and handling improvements. Valentino Rossi could only finish 4th on his Yamaha, which he now thoroughly hates.
Ant West managed to jump the start again, blowing a 5th place starting position. Settle down, mate.
Nicky Hayden missed his braking point and ran way off the track.
There was mild bickering between the evenly-matched Suzuki boys.
All in all, a rubbish race. Nothing much to say about it, really. There's no point giving a blow by blow account of nothing happening for three quarters of an hour. Here's a picture of Stoner at Sepang I found on Flickr. It's from the pre-season testing, but who cares?

Photo: Jaggat Images


Jordan said...

Ant West didn't jump the start, he started in the wrong spot.

With occationally good performances by Marco Melandri on his low-rate Honda, like this race, just imagine how he is gonna do on the top-of-the-line Ducati next year.

but yeah, i agree with you. it was not a very exciting race.

Jimmy said...

Yeah, I didn't find out about the reason for Westy's jump start penalty until after I'd written this.

It's going to be fantastic to have Marco on the Ducati. We might actually get some racing!

jordan said...

I'll say horray to that!
i wanna see some racing again.

not runaway victories.