Thursday, April 17, 2008

MotoGP: Nicky and James Finally Hit It Off

The BBC's MotoGP pitlane reporter Matt Roberts has revealed that Nicky Hayden and James Toseland are getting along well, after a dodgy start. According to Roberts, after qualifying at Estoril, Nicky complained that Toseland had baulked him on a hot lap, causing the Kentucky Kid to qualify lower than he should have. When nice guy Toseland popped round to Nicky's motorhome to apologise, the seething Southerner slammed the door in the Yorkshireman's face! (Most Yorkshiremen would have booted the door in and decked Nicky at this point, but Tose is far too nice a lad for that.) Later on, Hayden appeared at Tech 3 and apologized for "acting like a baby".

I've always maintained that Nicky is a decent bloke and worthy champion, despite the heckling from those who point out the feeble number of victories he scored in his championship year (2). This just shows that the lad has class, as shown by his calmness in the aftermath of his team-mate Dani Pedrosa's notorious torpedo attack (after he'd finished ranting in the gravel trap of course) and his refusal to take the bait when Pedrosa acted like a baby by decrying Nicky's bike development skills.

Even Valentino Rossi, who is usually one of sport's good guys, was riled into casting a gypsy curse on Sete Gibernau for some perceived slight. (He pompously proclaimed, rightly as it turned out, that Sete would never win another race after the Spaniard's team protested about Rossi's mechanics cheating by "rubbering up" Rossi's grid spot by doing scooter burnouts on it.)

So Nicky can hold his head high, as unlike some people in the MotoGP world, his head is actually on his shoulders instead of being rammed firmly up his own rear end.


Rob said...

Nicky H is a nice bloke. He's the sort a father would like his daughter to bring home. He works hard, doesn't moan, and then works hard some more.

This cuts no ice with Honda though. It'll be him, not Pedrosa, off the bike next year (replaced by Dovizioso) if the Repsol does not win the championship this year.

Even a Nicky fan like you Jimmy must admit, he did kind of fall into the championship win in 2006.

Jimmy said...

Sure, he was lucky with the championship, but so have a lot of people over the years. At the end of the year you add up the points and the guy with the most is champion, simple as that.

I'm not sure whether Nicky will get the boot at the end of the year. Pedrosa hates him, but he knows he can beat Nicky. Does he really want to swap him for a hotshot like Dovi?