Monday, February 16, 2009

You Know MotoGP Sucks When...

Top reasons to tell when MotoGP sucks:

  1. Valentino Rossi wants to ride in World Superbikes, just for fun.
  2. MotoGP starts to borrow cost-cutting ideas from the most soul-destroyingly tedious race series in the world: F1.
  3. MotoGP is down to 4 manufacturers, while WSBK is up to 7.
  4. Casey Stoner tops the testing timesheets, even though he can barely move his wrist.
  5. Sideshow Bob Simoncelli stays in the festering 250GP series when he could have had a satellite bike in MotoGP.
  6. Charlie Cox (nice bloke, shame about the constant references to car racing) will be the lead commentator on MotoGP in the UK, while WSBK will have the greatest commentary duo of any sport in history, British Eurosport's Jack Burnicle and James Whitham.
  7. Dorna want to resurrect the abysmal Kawasaki bikes instead of poisoning them, shooting them, then throwing them into a freezing river.
  8. I'm excited about the WSBK season starting in a fortnight, and I can't even remember when the MotoGP season starts.
  9. MotoGP has signed a deal to race at (bloody) Silverstone instead of Donington.
  10. Kropotkin has started covering WSBK (pass the smelling salts)

2 comments: said...

I can understand why MotoGP is changing... but the commentators... that is a disgrace. I don't want motoGP to become any more borring with lame new commentators.

Jimmy said...

People get very emotional about commentators, and broadcasters should take that into account.

I say that MotoGP sucks in jest, I don't hate it. It's in trouble, though.