Monday, March 30, 2009

BSB Back on ITV

A lot of fans weren't happy when the British Superbike Championship's TV coverage moved from the Freeview terrestrial station ITV4 to the subscription satellite station British Eurosport 2. However, this year it looks like a pretty reasonable deal has been struck that should satisfy more of the viewing public.

Live coverage of the British Superbikes and many of their support races will continue to be shown on British Eurosport 2, letting the hardcore fans have their fix. However, there will now be a BSB highlights show on ITV4 on Saturday afternoons. Although people tend to prefer live coverage, an action packed series like BSB is ideal for highlight shows, as there will be utter mayhem for the entire program. It also broadens the audience back to the millions who can access ITV4 on Freeview. The highlights will also be shown mid-week (and presumably mid-night) on the main ITV1 station.

Sounds like good news to me.

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