Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BBC Screw MotoGP Viewers, Again!

The BBC have managed to screw its MotoGP fans for the severalth time, by putting the coverage of Saturday's Assen round of the MotoGP championship on the red button interactive service.

This is because the bike racing clashes with the football world cup and Wimbledon tennis.

It's a tad odd, since the BBC have two channels to show stuff on. Arguments that they can't put sports on both channels at the same time are blatant bollocks, as they regularly spew their Womblesville tennis coverage on both channels. One channel is probably showing highlights of Britain's Great Hope losing in straight sets, while the other channel will be showing a dull match between a couple of Johnny Foreigners that nobody's ever heard of. At least if John McEnroe would lose it and start trashing the studio, tennis might be interesting. But he doesn't, and it isn't.

The good news is that British Eurosport have been permitted to show the MotoGP race live (they usually show it delayed). This means that we will be able to watch live coverage, only occasionally interrupted by crap adverts, hosted by the hugely knowledgeable Jules Ryder and his sidekick, the Alan Partridge impersonator. They may be joined by some halfwit celebrity and/or Neil "You are feeling very sleepy after listening to my voice for 3 seconds" Spalding.

However, for people without a satellite or cable subscription, it's the BBC red button or nowt. At least the race will be available afterwards on the internet on the BBC iPlayer service, for all those fans of the Beeb coverage and its commentators.

Which reminds me, have you heard of the drinking game you can play when watching the MotoGP race on the BBC? Whenever there are only 14 riders left and Charlie Cox tells Steve Parrish to get out there on his scooter so he can pick up a point, you throw your beer at the screen.

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mxyz250newb said...

Thats the best drinking game i've heard of .