Sunday, September 24, 2006

MotoGP Motegi: Loris crushes the opposition

Loris always seems to finish the season well, and the crazy little Italian is doing it again.
He was untouchable at Motegi today, playing with 2nd placed Valentino Rossi before stretching out a 5 second lead by the finish line. Capirex wasn't going to be caught napping on the last lap again.
Marco held 2nd place for much of the race before running wide and dropping into Rossi's clutches, and the defending champion relegated his fellow countryman to 3rd.
A daring last lap move by Nakano on Sete saw the Japanese clip the Catalan's rear wheel and end up tumbling into the gravel, clutching an injured arm. Sete continued and picked up a respectable 4th place, not bad for a man whose arm is held on with duct tape and bailer twine.
Nicky Hayden was promoted to 5th place by Nakano's exit, keeping his championship hopes alive but with a lead of just 12 points over Rossi.
The Kentucky Kid needs a win at one of the remaining races to guarantee the MotoGP title. It was another disappointing weekend for the American, who is just hanging in there. Pedrosa's chances look to be over, with the teeny Spaniard trundling home in 7th place, still suffering from his incredible highside in Malaysia. Rossi on the other hand looks like he will snatch the title whatever it takes, but he really needs the extra points for a win. Marco or Loris could spoil Vale's chances by winning at the last two rounds, letting Hayden sneak enough points for the title.
Having said that, my money's on Rossi.


Alessandro Matteucci said...

Sunday Capirex was great: fast, focused and consistent. He never gave the competitors the chance to challenge him. Having said that I believe the Ducati-Bridgestone combination was above the rest of the crowd given that Gibernau with no much track time on his end was able to keep up with the leaders of the race.
BTWY, Jimmy I like your comments and I will keep reading your blog.

Jimmy said...

Thanks, Alessandro. I'll certainly keep an eye on your blog too!
Ducati-Bridgestone always seem to do well at the end of the year. If only they could stop their riders hurting themselves quite so badly earlier on in the year!