Saturday, September 23, 2006

MotoGP Qualifying - Motegi

With Capirex on pole, Marco in second and Vale third, this looks like being a great race. Capirossi has that glint in his eye, if he doesn't gallop off into the distance on his Bridgestone tyres, there should be a hard-fought, fairing-scraping battle with his fellow countrymen.
Bridgestone certianly look good at their home race, with Nakano's Green Machine 4th and Loris's teammate Sete 5th on his Ducati.
Can Li'l Nicky Hayden come back from 7th on the grid to keep a respectable lead in the title? This is Honda's home race too, after all, and Nicky has just re-signed with HRC, putting to bed all those Ducati rumours. I think we can expect the Kentucky Kid to finish higher than 7th. He raced well in Australia, and believes that his clutch should survive the start better than in previous races. He starts 2 places in front of Dani, both being on the 3rd row.
Rossi has a great opportunity to take a large bite out of Hayden's championship lead.
This could be a major step in The Doctor's attempts to retain his title.
Finally, a mention for the young Brit in the 125cc class, Bradley Smith. A great lap at the end of the second qualifying session put him in 9th place on the grid. A top-ten start is hugely impressive in a field of 41 riders, especially as Bradley is still just 12 years old.
Alright, he's 15, but it's a great step and hopefully will help him secure a decent bike for next year.

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