Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Biaggi Watch: Part 367

Well, Max Biaggi's one man silly season continues apace, with "Soup" reporting that Biaggi has signed for Sterilgarda Ducati to ride a factory-spec Ducati 1098R alongside Ruben Chaos in the World Superbike Championship. Oops, I mean Ruben Xaus.

If this is true, then we will be treated to another year of The Roman Emperor in WSBK. The prospect of having him on a 1200cc Ducati is fascinating. Max is a 4-times World Champion on 250cc Grand Prix bikes, and has also won races on 500GP, 990cc MotoGP and 1000cc 4-cylinder WSBK machines. Let's see how many victories he can grab on a 1200cc V-twin, now that he knows all the tracks visited by World Supers and has climbed onto the podium at most of them.


Rob said...

What a shame Biaggi Watch has come to an end. This year it has been as convoluted as an episode of "Lost".
Apparently he is saying he has always "dreamt of riding a Ducati". My, what a surprise, and how sincere of you oh bearded one. Will he piss people off? Almost certainly. Will it be fun to watch? For sure.

Jimmy said...

Yes, he certainly provides entertainment on and off the track, does our Max.
Having him on the same bike as Bayliss should be fun, equal equipment and all...