Thursday, October 25, 2007

Max Biaggi: One Man Silly Season

Right. All those rumours about Max Biaggi moving to GSE Ducati in World Supers, and about GSE moving to WSBK at all, are now said to be false.
First, Superbike Planet poured cold water on the rumours, then Dennis Noyes at said there had been a last minute hitch and it was all off. To top that off, Leon Camier, who had been rumoured as Biaggi's new team-mate, told BikeSportNews that his supposed new ride was news to him.

According to Noyes, the sticking point in the deal was that Darrell Healey, owner of GSE, has just remembered that he is Troy Bayliss's personal manager so can't move his team to WSBK after all. So he'd rather flush his team down the pan than cancel his deal with Troy. Uh-huh. Anyway, rumour has it that GSE will still find a way to compete in BSB next year. Allegedly!

Max Biaggi truly is a walking Silly Season. Remember how it was rumoured that Max wouldn't be coming to World Supers after all, because he had bagged a MotoGP ride with Kawasaki? Ironically, the person who started those rumours was Colin Wright, team manager of GSE!!!

Where will it stop? Nobody knows. Now the rumours are that Max will ride for Sterilgada Ducati alongside Ruben "Captain Chaos" Xaus. Now that would be fun.

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