Monday, October 15, 2007

MotoGP: Put Your Name On Team KR's Bike!

King Kenny Roberts won the 500cc Grand Prix World Championship three times, including some memorable battles with his fellow legend Barry Sheene. Now he is giving everyone the chance to put their name on his team's 800cc MotoGP bike.

Team KR have had a torrid time in 2007, thanks to the dim-witted 800cc engine rule ruining all their good work from 2006. They have been bottom of the pecking order for Honda V4 engines all year, making the bike pitifully slow down the straights. However, the team have big plans for next year, talking about running a 2-rider team with decent engines. To thank the fans who have stayed loyal to them, they are offering the opportunity to have your name, or the name of a friend or loved one, put onto their MotoGP bike for the last GP of the season in Valencia. (Hopefully they didn't notice me being rude about Kurtis when he made Melandri fall off at Laguna...) The names will all be miniaturized and printed in the shape of the KR logo.

Hopefully, legions of fans will take up the chance, and Team KR will be able to impress sponsors with the number of people who take an interest in the team. This could just be enough to bag some decent sponsorship for next year.

So take a few moments to sign up at the TeamKR website. It doesn't cost a penny!

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