Thursday, January 03, 2008

Interesting Bike Racing Sites

OK, since there's basically no news whatsoever, everybody is on a testing ban and all that, here's a look at the motorcycle racing sites I keep an eye on.


Pure Motorbike Passion is a blog run by Alex, an Italian living in New York. He's a passionate sort of fellow with an interest in MotoGP, and as a trackday instructor he tends to pick up on technical stuff such as the lines that racers use. Also, he can understand the Italian press without using Babelfish or Google Translate, which is a bonus. Look out for his usual head-scratching poll for who will finish second in each MotoGP race.

MotoGPBlog is run by Rob, who unsurprisingly is a MotoGP fan. He always keeps an eye on the technical aspect of racing, and also has opinions worth reading on the politics of the sport.

Fastest Lap is another blog, from Nicebloke. He's a California-based Brit who follows any form of racing of any vehicle with wheels and an engine. It's always good to broaden your horizons by reading the opinions of somebody who's fanatical about four wheels as well as two.

Motorcycle Performance Blog is a site run by a bike fanatic who claims to be obsessed with "carbon fibre everything" and a big fan of bike racing. A recent addition to my links section, and one worth a bookmark., also known as Kropotkin Thinks, is the most serious and professional MotoGP blog on the net, run by Kropotkin, based in the Netherlands. If you miss a race, his blow by blow accounts of the action are unmissable. He is also right on top of any breaking news (even though I scooped him on Ant West signing for Kwaka in 2008... OK, somebody else told me on a forum, but still.)

The Biker Place is a blog that covers bike racing and general biking issues, with information on young British hopefuls on the road to MotoGP.

News Sites is a hideous mish-mash of horrible adverts and pop-ups, but still one of the best sources of bike and car racing on the net (damn them!) Just so long as the adverts don't make you throw up. Did I mention that they have a lot of adverts?

SuperbikePlanet is a very, very American motorcycle racing site. If Tom Clancy wrote about motorcycles, he'd write for "Soup". It'll have you chanting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" and following the progress of legends Nick Hayden and Colin Edwards II. Their MotoGP coverage is graced by British Eurosport commentator and motorcycle racing author Julian Ryder, whose "Ryder Notes" columns on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each MotoGP weekend are truly unmissable. They also have great coverage of WSBK, and of course AMA racing, so all you Neil Hodgson fans should bookmark it immediately. is a British motorbike newspaper/magazine with a decent racing section. The MotoGP reporter used to have a great blog, which is sadly now defunct, but he still files good stories on the MotoGP circus. They also cover the WSBK and British Superbike Championships. Beware that they do tend to jump the gun a bit when it comes to exclusive scoops, earning them the nickname of "The Comic"... is the website of another British biking newspaper. It's great for breaking news on the British Superbike scene, but they also have decent coverage of MotoGP and WSBK.
is run by a British bike racing photographer, who provides race reports, news and press releases on BSB, WSBK and MotoGP.

SpeedTV is the site of an American TV sports network. Their best feature is the presence of top WSBK journalist Dennis Noyes, whose columns are always "must read." is the website of the car racing magazine Autosport, which has been going since the first racing car was wheeled out of a garage by Tyrannosaurus Rex, and recently started covering MotoGP. Their free news is alright, but you have to pay a subscription to read the opinions of Julian Ryder's commentating colleague Toby Moody (screw that, I want it all for free!) If one-tyre rules make you apoplectic with rage, Moody's your man.

So there you are. The sites that I surf to when I want to keep my finger on the pulse. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious snoozing to do.


Rob said...

Thanks for the kind review Jimmy, much appreciated.

Shaun said...

Hi Jimmy,

Nice list, few sites there that i check out myself.

You could also check out my site, we have a lot of racing info and are focusing a lot now on young British motorcycle racers like Alex Gault, Jay Dunn and Aaron Easter.

Nice site, i've got you on my blogroll


Jimmy said...

Good stuff, I'll put The Biker Place on the list right now!

Alessandro Matteucci aka Alex 555 said...

Jim, thank you for listing PMP among such a great group of blogs. Unfortunately recently I had to take some time of from writing about MotoGp, but I will be back soon for passionate debates with the rest of the bloggers. Too bad that according to your poll nobody believes in Stoner winning another world title, because the Aussie is not any longer shy and diplomatic ....

Jimmy said...

Yes, Casey is pretty cocky these days. It'll be interesting to see if he can take the title with his new-found arrogance!

Nicebloke said...

As much as it pains me, is always my first stop of the day...