Saturday, April 25, 2009

MotoGP Motegi Qualifying Cancelled

With torrential Japanese rain and rivers flowing across the track, the qualifying session for the MotoGP race at Motegi was cancelled. The starting grid will be made up from practise times.

This comes after the season opener at Qatar was rained off and ended up happening the next day, with the huge change in track conditions almost certainly helping to turn the race into a typical 2007-style suckfest.

Is this coincidence, or karma? MotoGP has been sucking like a chain-smoker ever since the switch to 800cc engines. Pointless rule changes have ensured that the racing is abysmal, except for one fine day in California last year. Is MotoGP being punished? Or should I say, is Dorna being punished?

Even the weather gods think that Dorna is a laughing stock. Mother Nature is pointing at the Spanish company and laughing at their gross mismanagement of the MotoGP series.

The changeable conditions and lack of practise time will likely play into the hands of the very best riders, namely C. Stoner Esq and Signore V. Rossi. Will there be an exciting race at Motegi tomorrow? Fingers crossed.

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