Saturday, April 25, 2009

WSBK: Hopper Crocked in Assen Practise

Poor John Hopkins. He'll be rueing the day that those dollar signs popped up in his eyeballs when Kawasaki came a-calling. He spent a year falling off the slow green machine and hurting himself. Then the board of Kawasakisaurus Rex decided to ditch MotoGP racing due to the credit crunch, leaving Hopper without a ride. Finally, things started to go Hopper's way when he joined the Stiggy team in World Superbikes.

It seemed like the perfect match for Hopper. A nice, relaxed paddock filled with nutters, a great up and coming team with a very respectable bike, a race series that involves beaucoup overtaking, it was all going so well as the Anglo-American eased his way into the ways of World Supers.

Until he got to Assen. It's a track that seems to have something against Hopper. The MotoGP Kwaka threw him off at high speed in a terrifying crash, TV pictures showing him fly through the air and slam into a concrete wall, leaving him with nasty injuries for most of last season.

Now the partly legendary Dutch track (only the now-destroyed full circuit had full legend status) has bitten him again. On one of his first laps around the track on a superbike, he highsided, landed awkwardly on his feet, and trashed his leg again. The hip was dislocated, the joint cracked, and various muscles and tendons badly damaged. He'll probably be out for many weeks, if not months.

Sometimes life just isn't fair. Get well soon, Hopper.

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