Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MotoGP: Stoner the Faker

Yankee Quacks have diagnosed Casey Stoner's mystery illness as gastritis and anaemia.

In other words, they think he's faking it. Telling someone they have gastritis and anaemia just means they claim to have sore guts and are a little pale and tired, but tests show nothing unusual.

Doctors say that kind of thing to make you sod off.

Doctor House (with his Nicky Hayden replica Repsol Honda) would run a battery of tests, order some medicine, realize the medicine is killing the patient, order some different tests, look into the mid distance, and realize that you have some kind of illness that is found once every 5 years in the entire world's population of 6 billion.

Real doctors just want you to get lost and stop bugging them so they can go and play golf.

American quacks tend to order more tests than those in other countries, because American quacks are liable to be sued for 20 trillion dollars at least 12 times a year, and ordering tons of tests tends to make them look better in court, reducing their malpractise insurance premiums. (This is why the USA spends more on health care than anyone else, yet has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world. In most countries if you showed up in hospital with a sore finger they'd tell you to get stuffed, in the States you'd get $60,000 worth of CT and MRI scans.) And even American quacks couldn't find anything wrong with Casey. For gastritis he should avoid spicy food and eat some ginger, for anaemia he should eat some black pudding (a.k.a. blood pudding or blood sausage. Lovely stuff.)

So poor little Casey still hasn't had a decent diagnosis (i.e. one of something that's easily cured.) Hopefully he gets his stuff together, eats some medium-rare 'roo burgers to up his iron content and stops chucking up in his crash hat. Somebody needs to keep Vale and Horhay honest up at the front.


Jane said...

Hilarious post. I agree American healthcare is the most pitiful excuse for a system I've ever seen, considering I live in New York.

I do feel sorry for Stoner, though. Despite his "illness" he's doing a impressive sticking to the front but I never fathomed the chance that he could've been faking? Maybe, maybe not.

Jimmy said...

Well, let's be charitable and say he's subconsciously faking it!

mxyz250newb said...

I didn't know guys could "fake it"

anyways when you gonna update this site some races have past lets see the updates :)