Monday, July 13, 2009

So long, Sete.

So long, Sete Gibernau. Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. His dodgy builder-sponsored Ducati will no longer appear in MotoGP after the team ran out of money.

Almost-legend Sete Gibernau decided to sully his reputation by returning to MotoGP after retiring for ever a couple of years ago. The theatrical Spaniard had turned from a journeyman into a star when he suddenly found form and started challenging Valentino Rossi for the world title. He was a damn sight better than some of the guys who luck into championships, but them's the breaks.

Ever stroppy and melodramatic, he was finally destroyed by the legendary Gypsy Curse hurled at him by Rossi. The Italian superstar was livid at being given a grid penalty at Qatar when his team did scooter burnouts on his grid spot to increase grip, and his hatred was levelled at Gibernau. Rossi announced that poor Gibbers would never win another race, and lo it came to pass that Sete never won another race. (Rossi has evil powers, you know. He was last seen sticking pins into the gut of a Casey Stoner voodoo doll...)

Gibernau switched to Ducati, and looked pretty quick until he rammed his brake lever into the back of team-mate Loris Capirossi's bike at Catalunya, flipping over forwards (Mythbusters take note) and skittling Capirex and Melandri among others. To compound the hilarity, Gibernau's ambulance crashed at low speed on the way to hospital.

Ironically, it was Casey Stoner, the tiny tearaway who stole Sete's Ducati ride, who put the Spaniard out of MotoGP by crashing in front of him, causing Sete to hop off and break his collar bone for the 90th time.

Gibbers was finally tempted back to MotoGP by the prospect of a satellite Ducati jointly sponsored by Spain's dodgiest builder and Africa's dodgiest dictator. Apparently El Presidente of Guinea Ecuatorial had been stringing the team along, as has happened to hundreds of no-hoper squads in the past, and the cheques were permanently lost in the post.

And so it ended. The Abba Fernando Ducati squad are no more. Buh-bye, now.

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